Moodle consulting in small increments, for small business. When small Moodle problems cause you big trouble, I can help!


Before we meet, I collect information about your Moodle problem. We will agree on an outcome for the consulting time, no matter how small the amount. Whether it's a quick fix, an hour-long teaching demonstration,  or building an entire Moodle site, you should know what you're getting before we proceed.


Clients have told me that some consulting companies don't even return their emails, when the client asks for an hour or two of help. Some companies require you to purchase a minimum number of hours. I will work with you for as little as an hour, or for an entire project. It's all good, and it's all up to you.


We will work together to get you the solution you more, no less. We'll put in a little extra effort to define the problem before our billable time together starts, but it's worth it.